Advanced curing-wax formula which delives long lasting paintwork protection even in the harshest of climates. Combines UV protection to reduce colour fading, long life wax sealing to withstand repeated washing and a deep gloss shine to enhance paint appearance. Suitable for painted surfaces on cars, boats, caravans, motorcycles etc.

• High end product with cutting edge technology.
• This unique coating system combines a blend of Nano composite, PTFE, and Acrylic Resins with UV screens which cures to form a tough, long-life barrier against environmental attack, even in the harshest climates.
• Fully tested on both automotive & marine paints, contains the latest advanced screening technology to lock-out harmful UV sunlight.
• Leaves a lustrous deep gloss shine and repels water and dirt build-up for easy maintenance.

Directions for Use:
Ensure paint surface is clean and dry and avoid working in direct sunlight.
Shake well before use. Treat one panel section/area at a time.
By Hand: Apply a small amount of wax to a clean XPERT-60 Polish
Applicator. Spread a thin, even coat across the surface. Allow to ‘haze’
then use a clean XPERT-60 Microfibre Cloth to buff to a high gloss shine.
Do NOT allow the coating to come into contact with moisture/water for 4 hours.
Do NOT wash the treated surface for 7 days after application.

By Machine: alternative application for large areas e.g. boats.
Apply a small amount of wax to an XPERT-60 Black Finishing Foam.
Prime the pad and panel surface ensuring a thin and even coating.
Use machine to polish paint surface, reducing pressure as wax film starts to clear. Buff away any wax residue with a clean XPERT-60 Microfibre Cloth.
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