Multi-surface protective sealant for paintwork, exterior plastic trim, wheels, glass etc. 'Hydrophobic' formula repels water and dirt build-up making for easier repeat cleaning. Sealant cures for enhanced durability. Simple and easy to use - spray, wipe and buff off.

This amazing product offers a fast multi-surface protective spray-coating
• Paint • Glass • Plastic Trim • Wheels
• This completely unique, advanced formula delivers a fast curing protective coating for rapid sealing of most exterior surfaces.
• Cures within 10 minutes!
• Delivers water sheeting enhanced hydrophobic function-with nano
‘Lotus-Leaf’ effect.
• Incredible high-slip finish, repels water & dirt build-up and boosts scratch & abrasion resistance.
• Ideal as a sealant-coating booster, to extend gloss-finish appearance of polished paintwork.
• Long lasting - typical durability 3 to 6 months.
• Easy to use for both the professional and enthusiast.

Directions for Use:
Ensure surface is clean and dry. Shake well before use.
To activate; squeeze and lower red trigger lock.
Spray sparingly directly onto surface.
Wipe over using clean dry Xpert-60 Microfibre Detailing Cloth ensuring an even coating. Turn cloth and buff immediately to a high gloss shine. | RPM AutoCare Copyright 2022. Allrights Reserved