Instant spray-on tyre dressing to give “new again” deep black satin finish. Can be applied to wet or dry tyres. For restoring exterior plastic and rubber trims. Long lasting.

- Instant spray-on tyre dressing to give ‘new again’ deep black satin
- Superior formula can be applied to wet or dry tyres.
- Enhances and gives an ‘as new’ finish to exterior plastic and rubber
trims, weatherstrip/seals*, and engine compartment hoses.
Long lasting gloss or satin finish depending on level of application.

Directions for Use:
Soiled surfaces should be pre-cleaned.
Remove any old tyre dressings with a detergent cleaner prior to application.
Spray or sponge apply and allow to dry for ‘as new’ gloss.
Remove any excess if more satin finish required.
Do not apply to tyre treads. Not for use on motorcycle tyres. Avoid overspray onto floor surfaces to prevent slip hazards and potential staining.
*Application to weatherstrips during winter eases door openings in icy weather.
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