Dry & Wax in one-step. For paintwork, glass, plastics, rubber and chrome trim. Delivers a high-gloss carnauba reinforced wax coating in rapid time; no need to wait for surfaces to dry.

- Dry & Wax in one step
- Can be applied to all wet exterior surfaces, including paintwork, glass, plastics, rubber & chrome trim.
- Outstanding product that delivers a high-gloss carnauba reenforced wax coating in rapid time, no waiting for surfaces to dry.
- Contains streak free drying agents with Carnauba Wax for deep gloss shine, protection and surface slip.
- Fast, fragrant and easy to use. Impressive results every time.

Directions for Use:
1. Wash vehicle using XPERT-60 shampoo, rinse and leave wet.
2. Shake container and spray RAPID LIQUID WAX onto all exterior surfaces, but NOT on windscreen. Typically 2 to 3 sprays per panel.
3. Wipe over the vehicle surfaces using a microfibre cloth to ensure an even wax coating.
4. Using a second clean-dry microfibre cloth, buff all surfaces to a full gloss finish.
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