Compound, Polish & Wax in 1 Easy Step ! Fusion is very suitable for use by Enthusiasts to Professional Detailers. Fusion is very suitable to be used to solve light-medium paint defects that directly create Wet Gloss effects easily, as well as provide a layer of paint protection in just 1 very easy step.

Fusion can clean Grit Sanding P2500, resolve light scratches and swirls, holograms and medium oxidation which is very easy to use and practical. Fusion contains Premium Natural Carnauba Wax to create a paint protection effect, also makes the application result a Deep Wet Look Shine, and lasts consistently for up to 2 months. It is well suited for routine vehicle maintenance needs, vehicle maintenance that has been coated, and also as the Polish Express method very easily and quickly. Fusion can be applied using machines and manually.

Available in: 500 ml & 250 ml.
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